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The End of Events (for a while)

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

COVID's effects have been daunting on businesses. For events it's meant a total halt. No more music festivals, city events, neighborhood pop-ups, art events, nothing. This of course means loss of business for everyone involved--food vendors, security companies, fence rentals, rigging companies, etc.

For us it's meant that 50% of our business is gone. We rely heavily on events to carry us through the winter months where things are slow in studio. The other 50% of our business comes from commissions for custom inflatables, product prototyping, consulting, etc. We're also seeing a slow-down in this area since some of it relies on events as well.

The image of going to a packed event without a mask seems like another world at this point. But whether it's in 2021, 2022, or later, it will happen again. Until then, we'll hunker down.

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