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Take A Moment

Our collaboration with Take A Moment Studio, a live printmaking experience collective, was openly iterative and experimental. Joe and Jon of T.A.M. designed and printed patterns onto textiles that we then made into air-levitated spheres and suspended sculptures. Exploring design elements like repetition & difference, surface, and depth we opened possibilities for future elaboration. 

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Poo~Pourri Pavilion by Pneuhaus

Poo Pavilion

Khoman Room Inflatable Furniture by Pneuhaus

Khoman Room

Oscar Oiwa Bubble by Pneuhaus

Oscar Oiwa Bubble

PUMA x Jamming by Pneuhaus


Lightborne VR Dome by Pneuhaus

Lightborne VR Dome

Spotify Listening Dome by Pneuhaus

Spotify Dome

OFFBEAT Ice Cream Stand by Pneuhaus

Ice Cream Dome

Camera Obscura by Pneuhaus

Camera Obscura

Gakko Dome by Pneuhaus

Gakko Dome

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