Monoliths is an installation of six sculptures sized to awe. This is the soft largeness of elephants and trees in a totally new form. The Monoliths surprise as they asked to approached, leaned against, and climbed over. Placed in a staggered progression their luminous forms beckon visitors forward through a space and create an arena for exploration and play between them.

more experiential environments

4. Canopy (Bike View) by Pneuhaus & Can-


Cloud Lights by Pneuhaus Transformative

Cloud Lights

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Air is There

Pneuhaus Streetseats Spiral

Street Seats

STEAM Pavilion by Pneuhaus 3

STEAM Pavilion

Pnit by Pneuhaus Garage


Playascape by Pneuhaus Sky


Tri Cushion Chairs by Pneuhaus Group

Tri-Cushion Chairs


Pneumatic Masonry No. 2

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