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The Air is There is an interactive childrens' exhibit comprised of inflatable sculptures and hands-on playstations to introduce museum goers to air as a building material and physical force. Here, a toddler plays with one of the levitating toys on the green turf floor under the inflatable root-like Catenary sculpture.

The Air Is There

It is easy to look past the air we move through every day, largely invisible, many of us have not considered all that it can and does do. The Air Is There is an environment that invites children and adults alike to learn by touch and curiosity. In this immersive exhibition inflatable sculptures and hands-on learning stations open an experience of air as a building material and physical force. The centerpiece of the show is Catenary, an environmental sculpture that invites children to play through its root-like arches before they build their own structures with Pneuhaus’s signature building-toy system Pnodes. 

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